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FlyWave Rider of the Week: Mr. OK (Liangzi)

This week FlyWave would like to feature our local rider Liangzi, or known by his friends as Mr. OK. One can first spot Mr. OK from his custom flowboard made by FlyWave with his signature graphic “OK”. When asked why he has this nickname, his response is, "I hope all of my tricks are OK, and I can KO the competition.”

He started flowboarding three years ago. As a kid he always wanted to try skateboarding, but felt he had missed out on the experience. Being in his thirties, he found that flowboarding created a passion for board sports which he hopes to always keep active.

Living in Beijing, FlyWave’s flagship store, Wavor House is where you can find Mr. OK most often. He brings great energy and a unique style to riding. His passion also extends into his film making. Below you can see one of our favorite videos from the 2017 season at Wavor House highlighting Mr. OK and many of the local riders.

Liangzi is often traveling and loves to bring his custom FlyWave board conveniently packed in his FlyWave board bag enabling him to ride machines all around China, including cities such as Tianjin, Shijiazhuan, Jinan, etc. Compared to other brands machines (costing twice that of FlyWave’s) he feels that the quality of the FlyWave machine really stands out. Most important of these factors is the thickness of the water and the proper angle of slope for the membrame.

Mr. OK is currently challenging himself with learning how to perform a kick-flip. While it has been a difficult journey, he feels that he is about to “KO” this trick with a little more hard work.

“I really like taking on new challenges and enjoy the process of pursuing difficult goals”

-Mr. OK

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